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Two of our favourite glasses

Kimura Bourgogne glass

If you love your Pinot Noir then this is the glass you need! 
Our glassware of the moment, it is handmade, exquisitely thin and light weight.

Try the Kimura Bourgogne glasses and you will be converted.
Not only do these glasses look beautiful but they accentuate the colour, aromas and taste of the wine.

Gabriel Gold Edition Glass

This is the perfect glass for any type of wine and champagne.
Another favourite of the team at Simply Wines.

The glass is the brainchild of Swiss-German wine writer René Gabriel, who developed it with Austrian glass innovator Siegfried Seidl and launched it in 2010. 

The glass has a unique selling point, as well as ticking the most important boxes for any great glass: it feels great in the hand and on the lip, and makes wine look, smell and taste the best it can. Its singularity lies in the fact that it is a universal glass – a single design that works for red and white wines, be they still, sparkling or sticky.

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