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Stanton & Killeen
"Classic" Rutherglen Muscat


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Bottles: 12

Cap: Screw

Reddish-brown, correct for its average age of 12 years; wonderfully luscious, raisin and Christmas pudding flavours, cut by just the right amount of rancio. "95 points by James Halliday AWC"

"The Age Best Wine of 2011 Jeni Port
Best fortified Stanton and Killeen took many (but not all) by surprise with a run of major awards mid-year for both its Grand and Classic Rutherglen muscats. The Classic, in particular, offers incredible value at just $30 a bottle. With 12 years' average age, it is darker and richer than some, full of spicy, superior rancio oak- aged characters and it's very, very smooth."

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