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Semillon "Old Vine"


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Bottles: 12

Vintage: 2012

Cap: Screw

Semillon is the workhorse variety, not only for the Barossa but for Australia. It never ceases to amaze us how many wineries balk at labelling a wine Semillon, and prefer to call it Classic Dry White or something to that effect. Kaesler Semillon reflects some of Reid Bosward's winemaking past. He cut his teeth at Tyrrells, had a stint in the Graves, and then finally settled in the Barossa.
Vinification Fruit was hand picked early in the morning to avoid the heat. Pressed then the juice naturally settled and fermented warm with natural yeast for regional definition and texture. No fining. Light filtration.
Colour clear pale straw, typical
Nose Solid nose. Fresh cut grass, lime preserve, wet slate, green mandarin and green mango.
Palate Laser like acid, precise and bracing acidity. Pure. Lime pith and zest flavours, lemon juice. Youthful.
Notes The Hunter teaches you about acid, balance and respect for its more subtle characteristics, not to mention its ability to age. Graves teaches you how too work a style, literally adding the wine makers spin. The Barossa offers an opportunity that allows one to knits these lessons together, and come up with a style that is tasty when young, but will also offer some interest as it ages. Be brave, stick it in the cellar for 10 years +.

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